What is learnability?

Learnability refers to the ease with which users become familiar with the functions and interactions of a product or the steps of a task. Learnability is a cornerstone of product usability and ultimate user performance and satisfaction.

Learnability optimization

Learnable products are intrinsically more enjoyable, because they require less effort and investment to master and reward the user more immediately with success and task completion. OBT analyzes immediate product intuitiveness and the learning curve for mastering advanced features. We identify "pain points" for users that interfere with learning and cause frustration and user abandonment, and provide solutions to eliminate them.

Instruction optimization

Some products are inevitably complex. Simplicity, however, is not synonymous with learnability. OBT is founded on cutting-edge research on learning processes and skill acquisition. We know that the most effective instruction is human-centric, data-based, systematic, and avoids user errors. We assess the impact of instruction and identify solutions to optimize it.

Habit formation

Habitual user engagement is a primary target for software as a service (SaaS), apps, system processes, games, wearables, and other products intended to be used on a regular basis.

A great deal of research has been conducted on habit formation in behavioral economics.  Whether developing simple consumer products or internal tools, OBT will provide you with strategies to optimize your system's intuitiveness, learnability, instructions for use, and other attributes to construct a pipeline from initial user exposure to habitual engagement.