What is RPDD?

Research documentation involves recording research processes and methodology with sufficient detail for replication (i.e., obtaining comparable results if the study were repeated). Research platform development takes this a step further and compiles multiple documented methodologies into a cohesive data acquisition system. 


Research is a complex undertaking. Poorly executed research can produce invalid and misleading results, which defeats the purpose of investing in research in the first place. Just as computer code requires documentation for others to understand, research must be explicitly described and recorded. Researchers, scientists, data analysts, and similar professionals are considered "knowledge workers", because the majority of their work requires advanced knowledge and mastery of complex processes of decision making and problem solving. 

Platform Development

Research methods constitute a platform when they produce complementary data and analyses. Mixed-methods research is prone to produce mixed results which are difficult to interpret. Through RPDD, an array of research methods is identified that constitutes a comprehensive analysis of a prototypical study. The methods are streamlined and synchronized, materials are developed for efficient deployment, data collection and standard analyses are automated, and the final platform is benchmarked and validated.

RPDD Benefits

Builds Trust in Your Findings

First and foremost, RPDD ensures research integrity and validity so that you can trust the insights and strategies derived from it.

RPDD enhances the methodological and analytical rigor of your research and increases the validity of your findings by decreasing researcher error and protocol deviation. The research documentation enables objective measures of "research integrity" for quality control and employee evaluation. RPDD also makes your methodology more transparent, which facilitates regulatory compliance and expedites external reviews and audits. 

Promotes Buy-In and Enhances Research Outcomes

Standardized methodology and protocol promotes understanding by researchers and internal staff, clients, and end-research consumers, which sets expectations, facilitates understanding of complex analyses, and promotes buy-in. Mixed-method research is prone to producing mixed results that are difficult to interpret. RPDD identifies synergistic methods and analyses that produce consistent results. This produces findings that converge on complementary and actionable insights. 

Facilitates Operations

RPDD is a fundamental for early research team formation, expansion, and professional development. It facilitates onboarding and staff training as new researchers can quickly deploy advanced methodology using existing documentation. Standardized materials promote faster and more accurate data collection, and internally consistent methodology is easily adapted for unique projects and constraints. 


RPDD deliverables are flexible and are always based on your preferences and the software and services you are already using. 

All RPDD projects contracted by OBT include a document summarizing your research platform and its components, objectives , and insights it provides. This is useful for introducing staff to the research platform, packaging it for contractual research services to your own clients, and summarizing the RPDD and future research projects to interested parties such as executives and board members.

Additional documentation include:

  • Outline of a standard project life cycle, from conception to implementation
  • A granular task analysis of the steps required to complete each project phase
  • Supporting materials, such as standard documents and forms (i.e., SOWs, IRB paperwork, consumer surveys, etc.) used throughout the project
  • Instructions for using materials and research systems
  • Proprietary research tools, including standardized surveys, checklists, interviewer forms, datasheets, spreadsheets, etc.
  • System development and improvements to automate and integrate data entry and analyses
  • Reporting and presentation templates and guidelines

All materials will be branded according to your specification and internal style guide. Presentation and staff training for deploying and adapting the platform are also available as well as consultation, supervision, and management when launching the platform.